Hilke thor Straten

About me

Hilke thor Straten was born in a little harbor town called Husum in northeast Germany.

She finished her studies in the social field and in 1998 she embarked on her first world tour, starting in Dubai and ending in San Francisco. Inspired by the places, colors, encounters and impressions on this multisensory adventure, Hilke began another journey: through the arts.

An autodidact, she freely explored a wealth of techniques, materials and styles, unbound by creative restraints. In Melbourne, Hilke learned about glass mosaics and the magic of mirrors, a passion which deepened throughout her global travels and eventually grew into a specialty in the craft and art.

Living and working in San Francisco, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Norway, New Zealand and Namibia, Hilke would find any opportunity to get creative and play with colors and materials: drawing, painting, sewing, cutting glass and making mosaics.

Finally dropping her suitcases in Berlin, Hilke moved into her first studio in a culture project, reestablishing her connection with her own culture and the German art scene.

She created art there for a couple of years before moving to her dream studio in Nordfriesland, where she embraced the creative freedom, space and support of being in the countryside. Together with her dear friend and life partner Morten Keese, Hilke renovated the large studio space to develop the perfect atmosphereand interior for creating and presenting arts and crafts. Multiple tools and machines and a huge ceramic oven are ready to transform materials into furniture, light, stone or metal sculptures.

There are also two renovated old fire trucks that form a mobile studio for spreading art abroad, in as many directions as possible. In much the same way, Hilke‘s mirror mosaic art opens walls and turns rooms into a multidimensional experience. Light and reflections are alive and have the wonderful capacity to bring transformative energy to every space.