About Me

On August 2, 1976, my eyes opened to the light and colours of this world in the small town of Husum, on the northern coast of Germany. Safe with the love of and to my parentsi I explored the beauty of the wide landscapes of Northern Frisia. This wonderful childhood gave birth to my love for creativity and the arts.

rtistic work with children introduced me to the positive world of colours which was to take me far across the globe. In 1998, it took me from Northern Frisia to the United Arabic Emirates, to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Australia, Nee Zealand, to the islands of Fijii and Hawaii, to North America, Mexico and Canada, to India, Nepal, South Africa and Namibia.

On my journeys, I encountered masters and artworks of miraculous forms and colours, and learned to speak the universal language of colour. It guided me in creating paintings and rich interiors. The miracles on this path endowed me with the vision and inspiration, courage and energy to keep my sense of basic trust and stay true to my convictions. To me - this means to live unconditionally FROM, WITH and FOR ART.

In 2004, I acquired an old bus. With love for detail and great help of gifted mechanics, I transformed it into a mobile gallery. This tireless friend has become integral part of exhibitions and salespoint on markets - for fun, "bag”money and art prints. Working and having a home wherever I am, spreading colour and inspiring people fills me with gratitude and confidence.

In October 2007, I moved to Berlin. The art house (Art Palace) that is at once home and work studio to me, offers plentiful opportunity to create exciting larger works and commissional works.

fun and inspiration I will love to share with you!

Warm Greetings

Hilke thor Straten